Trading Standards

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Trading Standards

Trading standards officers are responsible for investigating & prosecuting a wide range of consumer protection regulations including advertising, displaying and selling unroadworthy used cars by car traders and used motor vehicle retailers, building work, builders and home improvements.

Their powers allow them to enter premises, seize vehicles, make test purchases, carry out covert investigations and of course take businesses to court for trading standards and unfair commercial practices.

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  • Advertising Cars

    Advertisements with misleading information where the mileage is higher or lower than in reality or the price is different than on the site, making references to credit services without a “credit license”, or advertising the wrong specification are all potential legal offences.

    Displaying Cars for Sale

    Motor retailers offering an unroadworthy car for sale will get you in legal hot water with trading standards and explaining that the work will be carried out once a deal’s been struck and before the car goes out, won’t cut any ice.

    Selling Second-Hand Cars

    If a consumer reports a complaint to Trading Standards as to the safety, condition or mileage discrepancy of a second-hand car bought from a dealer you could face criminal prosecution under Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.

    Trade Sales?

    Marking car sales invoices with trade sale no warranty implied or given isn’t a defence when the buyer turns out to be a consumer. If you don’t declare the vehicle has been in an accident, is a Category C right or sell a car which is damaged albeit repairable you could face prosecution under section 75 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.