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To get legal advice or speak to a lawyer or solicitor can be easier said than done whether you’re a business or a member of the public. Getting first free legal advice is invariably the reserve of citizens advice, community legal advice centres and law clinics.

However, all too often people don’t get advice tailored to their individual circumstances and are none the wiser where to go to get professional legal services.

Stormcatcher legal advice services have evolved to meet this need offering free lawyer consultation and initial legal advice on the phone as well as fixed price low cost legal services to both small businesses and consumers uk.

Initial Free Lawyer Consultation and Advice

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Practice Areas

As civil lawyers specialising in business land commercial law we are experienced in advising on all manner of legal issues and problems involving commercial, employment and consumer contracts, purchases and transactions including the sale of goods and supply of services.

If you need to get help from a lawyer and are considering legal action or taking a business or an individual to court, of you've received a claim form in the post and need to know what to do or where you stand, this is the service for you.

Citizens advice

The citizens advice service is an invaluable source for help and advice on personal and legal issues but it can take a long time to get to speak to a legal advisor and all too often because of insurance restrictions the guidance doesn't go as far as you need it to or where to go to get low cost legal services from a solicitor or lawyer.

This service has evolved to meet this need, giving every caller free initial advice and a no obligation affordable quote.

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