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Stormcatcher legal consultants, business & automotive legal services was set up by Philip Harmer in 2012 as a result of his own experience of trying to find a lawyer from a local law firm to provide affordable & understandable legal advice and services.

As then a business owner, selling, financing & leasing cars and repairing vehicles out of his two bodyshops he had first hand experience of the cost and wait to see or speak to a solicitor and the feeling that the lawyers weren't on the same page let alone the same planet.

Stormcatcher Law aims to solve the problem 

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Stormcatcher Law is a back to basics online law firm, a virtual legal practice without plush offices,  secretaries and telephone menus which gives you the freedom to choose what online legal services and help you want when you want it.

However, we're not faceless internet lawyers giving legal advice through an online helpdesk or chat room, every client gets telephone legal advice from a professional lawyer and if you instruct us you'll get the mobile number and direct email address of your own dedicated lawyer.


Our backgrounds mean we talk your language making it easy for us to understand your issues and for you to understand and act on the advice and options available. Straight talking, straight forward business legal people.


Like it or not cost is invariably the deciding factor when deciding whether to rely on the internet, Citizens advice or consult a legal professional, which is why we offer everyone an initial free lawyer consultation and legal advice. From there on, everything we do is fixed price, menu service and a fraction of the cost of high street lawyers. 

Quality assured

We compromise on price but not on quality, with the same lawyers with the same attention to detail and the same accessibility for every client whether its for contract checking or an in-house secondment. 

Leading commentators

As a legal consultancy and specialist lawyers we pride ourselves on delivering practical, straight talking advice, opinion and commentary on sector specific issues, regularly contributing to industry magazines and conferences.

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