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Stormcatcher Lawyers & Legal Consultants offer cost effective, efficient solutions and advice for companies, businesses and individuals in the UK for a fraction of the cost of traditional law firms and solicitors. Equipped to handle a broad range of legal and commercial matters specialising in business restructuring, dispute resolution, consumer, finance, contracts, construction and automotive industry.

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Stormcatcher Legal Services are client focussed and results driven offering a down to earth, straight-talking approach with in-depth knowledge and experience of the motor trade, construction industry, finance and retail sectors allowing us to deliver the highest level of service. We work with businesses, companies, financial institutions and private clients to deliver significant results and resolve disputes in the UK and Internationally across a wide range of issues including sale of goods, luxury assets, service and retail, breach of contract and unpaid invoices.

Different from traditional commercial lawyers and small claims solicitors and committed to customer service we aim to take the stress and anxiety out of complaints and legal problems offering direct telephone access to an expert business law lawyer initial, free legal advice and fixed price, low cost help and support on demand.

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About Stormcatcher

Stormcatcher Legal Consultants, Business and Automotive Legal Services was set up by Philip Harmer in 2012 as a result of his own experience of trying to find a lawyer from a local law firm to provide affordable & understandable legal advice and services.

As then a business owner, selling, financing and leasing cars and repairing vehicles out of his two bodyshops he had first-hand experience of the cost and wait to see or speak to a solicitor and the feeling that the lawyers weren’t on the same page let alone the same planet.

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As a legal consultancy and specialist lawyers we pride ourselves on delivering practical, straight talking advice, opinion and commentary on sector specific issues, regularly contributing to industry magazines and conferences.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

    5 star review  When finding myself in a stressful situation with a car dealer who totally miss sold me on my car, I found Stormcatcher online and Antonia was my first point of contact. She was extremely helpful and courteous. Philip Harmer took on my case and could not be more amazing. Going above and beyond, guiding me with his expert knowledge & experience every step of the way (which unfortunately is still ongoing), Philip has been an absolute wonder. With his friendly, approachable attitude and his knowledge of exactly how car dealers work, his support throughout this whole process has made it a lot easier to take on and alleviated some of the worry and frustration of a horrible situation. We hope it will all work out in our favour at the end, but I cannot recommend Philip enough should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself in these circumstances against a car dealer.

    thumb Claire B

    5 star review  This service was outstanding and Philip Harmer really does know his stuff in the tricky and shady world of car sales, I can honestly say I would not have had a clue without him. Thanks all

    thumb Simon Tree

    5 star review  Phil's experience and in depth experience regarding the motor trade industry and the legal standing is second to none. He has so much knowledge with cars and dealerships and manufactures short comings and has an uncanny and honest way of explaining where you stand. I would without any hesitation reccomend he's companies services. Once again thank you Phil. Paul

    thumb Terri Cliffe Harrison
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