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Our online business model offers flexible, affordable and accessible countrywide legal advice, documents, legal services and help with the personal touch of a local Surrey law firm, at a fraction of the cost of traditional solicitors and barristers in Surrey.

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Mobile technology offers your direct access, online or by phone to initial free legal advice from a small business and commercial lawyer expert in consumer, contract and trading law legal issues and resolving disputes. Call 0333 700 7676 and ask a lawyer a legal question.

If you need or want a face to face meeting with a lawyer or a conference with counsel to discuss the legal issues of the case our lawyers will come to your premises or convenient meeting place on your terms including the weekends and out of office hours.

Stormcatcher Business Lawyers offer expert legal advice, legal services and dispute resolution to small businesses and individuals as an efficient, low-cost alternative to the hourly fee agreements of local solicitors in:





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Business Law Services

Commercial and small business lawyers covering the Surrey area offering instant access, understandable business legal advice on the phone and practical common sense solutions to prevent and resolve legal issues and complaints.

Focused on preventing legal problems, we offer a business legal health check, checking, amending and drafting contracts, terms and conditions and business documents. Should breach of contract problems arise or you are faced with a claim we can advise on the appropriate strategy to deal with it quickly and effectively.

Surrey Law Firm Experienced in Advising Contract Law, Business Legal Issues and Civil Litigation

Legal Services for Individuals

Consumer law is complex, providing a diverse range of rights and remedies for faulty and defective goods and services bought and supplied by a business or tradesperson.

Whether you’ve got a problem with building work, a dodgy used car or a new kitchen, a consumer lawyer will advise and guide you on the law, your rights and guide you through the consumer legal issues.

Surrey Law Firm Experienced in Consumer Law Legal Rights and Advising on Issues Relating to Refunds, Returns and Compensation

Surrey Trading Standards

Complaints about cowboy builders, dodgy car dealers and rogue traders are just some of the issues trading standards are faced with investigating but often a trading law offence hasn’t been committed leaving the consumer with unfinished building work, a defective second-hand car or substandard home improvements.

If you’re not getting the result you wanted from Surrey Trading Standards or Citizens Advice, call 0333 700 7676 for initial free legal advice from a consumer lawyer.

Car Sales Lawyers in Surrey

Whether you’re in the car sales or repair business as a car dealer, motor trader or new car franchised dealership and need expert legal support or have bought a faulty vehicle or second-hand car and need legal advice this is the solution for you.

We specialise and have unrivalled industry experience in motor trade law and trading standards. If you need legal help in the Surrey area call 0333 700 7676 for a free lawyer consultation and initial free advice.

Surrey Small Claims Lawyer

If you want legal help on how to make a claim or take someone to small claims court or have received a claim form and want to defend it a small claims lawyer can prove invaluable.

Fixed fee small claims advice in Surrey from specialist small claims lawyers for individuals and businesses in Surrey are designed to take the strain out of the small claims process from start to finish.

Dispute Resolution in Surrey

We offer advice, mediation and arbitration for a wide range of breach of contract disputes for small and medium-sized businesses throughout Surrey.

Surrey Law Firm Experienced in Alternative Dispute Resolution for a Wide Range of Complaints and Conflict