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Our online business model offers flexible, affordable and accessible countrywide legal advice, documents, legal services and help with the personal touch of a local law firm. All at a fraction of the cost of traditional solicitors and lawyers in London.

Mobile Law Firm

Mobile technology offers you direct access to initial free legal advice online or by phone. Speak to a small business and commercial lawyer expert in consumer, contract and trading law legal issues and resolving disputes. Call 0333 700 7676 and ask a lawyer a legal question.

Low Cost, Big Value

We’re not just about telephone or online legal advice. If you need or want a face to face meeting with a business lawyer or a conference with counsel to discuss the legal issues of the case we are the London lawyers for you.

We will come to your premises, a convenient meeting room or venue on your terms including the weekends and out of office hours and at a fraction of the cost of traditional commercial or contract solicitors in London.

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