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Used car warranty law issues

Consumer Legal Rights and Wrongs of

Used Car Dealer Warranty Law 

Used car warranty issues

Providing or selling a used car warranty is designed to help customers and car dealers budget for future vehicle repair costs and give peace of mind. However warranties can help but they aren't a cure all or do they replace the statutory rights of the consumer or the legal  obligations of the motor trader or car garage.

Expert industry legal advice on used car warranty issues from lawyers expert in all aspects of the automotive industry can be invaluable 

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Can the customer send us the bill ?

Does a customer have to claim on the warranty and can they get a car repaired and send the dealer the bill or go to small claims to claim compensation ?  Each case turns on its own facts and circumstances but it's possible. For comprehensive used car legal advice from a leading  motor industry lawyer call 0333 700 7676

Claim limits

What happens when a customer makes a valid claim under the terms of the used car warranty but the claims limit won't cover the whole cost of the repairs ? Depending on the circumstances the franchised dealer or motor trader may be liable for the difference, call for details  

Repairs not covered

Generally most mechanical and electrical parts are covered by most warranties with the exception of wear and tear items but the devil is in the detail. Dealers would be well advised to check the coverage as the cost of the repairs may well fall to them. 

Betterment ?

When a customer gets a used car repaired with new parts and/or has the work carried out by a main dealer, some lawyers, dealerships and business owner try and play the betterment card. While it is a valid legal claim, it's invariably misapplied, if in doubt give us a call.

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