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Small claims lawyers

Specialist Small Claims Lawyers

Small claims lawyers

Stormcatcher law small claims lawyers uk aim to offer business clients and individuals a refreshing approach to the law and legal services with an accessible and affordable alternative to traditional small claims solicitors, litigation law firms and civil lawyers.

Whether you're a claimant or defendant small claim lawyers provide a complete fixed price legal advice and case preparation package available across England and Wales, managed from our centres in London, Surrey & Kent.

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Do I need a solicitor for a small claim ?

Unlike Fast track and Multi Track claims you can represent yourself in the small claims court without the need for a solicitor specialising in small claims. However expert legal advice is recommended to avoid having your case thrown out and wasting costs and understandably. professionally drafted claim form, particulars of claim or defence can prove invaluable and highly influential in winning your case. 

Small claims legal advice

As UK contract lawyers, consumer rights law experts & legal service providers we are best placed to check the claim claim or defence, offer legal advice and legal opinion on the chances of winning in small claims court.

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Areas of legal expertise

Specialising in dispute resolution for all manner of legal issues involving business law, breach of contract disputes and money claims arising from the sale of goods and the supply of services for consumers and business clients.

Court costs and fees

With the recent rise in the cost of county court application fees from £155 to £255, making a mistake can prove expensive and time consuming. Small claim lawyers will consult with you to obtain all the relevant evidence and draft the particulars of claim or defence presenting your case in the best possible light.

Low cost not low quality

Taking the strain out of making or defending a small claim, our small claims lawyers are experienced in all aspects of breach of contract including debt recovery, late payments and unpaid invoices. Direct access to a small claims lawyer offering an efficient, effective legal solution whether you're issuing or defending a small claim in the county court.


small claims lawyers

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