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Making a claim

Consumer & Business Legal Advice

& Help on Making a Claim up to £10000

in the Small Claims Court 

Making a claim

Affordable direct access lawyers in London, Surrey and Kent specialising in preparing and making a claim in the small claims court in England and Wales. 

Our fixed fee, low cost legal solutions include legal advice, claim checking, claim form, particulars of claim, help and support through to judgment at a faction of traditional small claim solicitor costs.

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Small claims

The small claims court is designed to deal with all manner of breach of contract claims commonly involving;

  • compensation for substandard work or services such as building work, decorating & plumbing 
  • compensation for faulty goods such as a second hand car, motorhome or washing machine
  • unpaid debt, late payment or invoice 

Small claims lawyer

Members of the public and businesses can make a claim and represent themselves without a small claims solicitor in court and many do because of the rule which limits the recovery of legal expenses and costs from the defendant.

However, expert legal advice and professionally drafted documents and claim form, can prove invaluable and cost effective, reducing the chances of the claim being struck out and increasing your chances of succeeding with your claim

Make a claim small claims package is designed to be fast, effective, affordable and available to all consumers and businesses in England & Wales at a fraction of the cost or high street small claims solicitors.

£714 (inc VAT)

Make a claim includes

  • Claim checker

  • Particulars of claim 

  • Forms & applications 

  • Mediation assistance 

  • Witness statement

  • Skeleton arguement

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