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Defend a claim

Legal Services to Defend a Claim in

the Small Claims Court Services

England and Wales

Defend a small claim

Low cost, fixed price legal services & advice to defend a claim in the small claims court direct from a small claims lawyer without the traditional fees of a small claims solicitor. 

For an all inclusive fixed fee we will assess the strength of the claim against you, draft a defence, witness statement and skeleton argument as well as deal with all the paperwork forms and documentation right up to judgment

Free Defence Lawyer Consultation 

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The Small claims court

If you've received a letter before action from a customer or client or a claim form from the county court business center in Nottingham then you're about to be or being sued for; 

  • Compensation for faulty services from a builder or garage for example
  • Compensation for faulty goods, such as a new or used car 
  • money owed or an unpaid invoice 

Time limits

From the moment  you get served with a claim form the clock starts ticking, giving you up to 14 days to acknowledge the claim or up to 28 days to file a defence; miss the deadlines and you run the risk of having judgment in default entered against you and having to pay the sum claimed. 

Defend a claim service

Experienced in small claims and the small claims procedure we offer an affordable fixed price service ensuring the time limits are met, papers filed and forms completed for businesses or consumers

£714 (inc VAT)

Defend a claim includes

  • Check the claim 

  • Draft the defence

  • Deal with correspondence 

  • Allocation questionaire

  • Prepare witness statements

  • Draft a skeleton arguement

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