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Small claims court

Small Claims Advice, Help & Guidance

for Businesses and Consumers Making or

Defending a Claim in the County Court


Small claims court dispute resolution

Whether you're a business or an individual Stormcatcher law small claims court lawyers and professional legal services aim to take the stress and uncertainty out of making or defending a court claim offering an affordable, accessible alternative to traditional litigation lawyers and small claims solicitors. 

Our low cost make or defend a claim packages includes legal advice, forms, legal documents, support and mediation right through to judgment available across England and Wales and case managed from our centres in London, Surrey and Kent.

First Free Small Claims Lawyer Consultation UK

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Make a Claim

Drafting Letter of claim
particulars of claim
legal advice through
to judgment

£595 + VAT >>

Claim Checker

Our specialist small claims
lawyers will advise you on
the merits and legal basis
of your claim 

£99 + VAT >>>

Defend Claim

  A lawyer will advise you on
the merits of the claim
draft the defence &
witness statement

£595  + VAT >>

Why us ?

Setting ourselves apart from other legal firms and small claims solicitors our lawyers on demand services gives claimants and defendants direct access to help and answers to their legal questions answered when they need it.

Experienced in all manner of consumer and commercial breach of contract disputes, civil litigation, debt recovery and enforcement involving money claims, defective services and faulty goods offering a highly specialised yet affordable expert service 

What’s included?

Whether you’re making a small claim or defending, we’ll advise you on the legal issues and strength of your case, complete the claim form, draft the defence and statement of case along with witness statements and any other documents needed through the claims process to judgment.

Areas of law and legal expertise

Experienced in all aspects of the small claims process and bringing and defending a claim in court arising from breach of business and consumer contracts, money claims and unpaid debts.

We are regularly instructed by

  • car dealers and car buyers in relation to complaints and claims for refunds for faulty second hand cars
  • builders and home owners for non-payment of invoices, delayed, unfinished or substandard building work and property refurbishment
  • Bodyshops, garages and consumers with mechanical and cosmetic vehicle repair issues.
  • Small businesses and freelancers for recovering unpaid invoices

Do I need a small claims solicitor ?

Special rules limits the recovery of small claims solicitors costs and legal fees by the successful party usually to only £100 or so, putting people off using a solicitor and the legal profession in general.

However, most would prefer to get legal advice and use a lawyer to deal with the paperwork, evidence and strategy, improving their chances of representing themselves and succeeding with the claim or defeating it. Our small claims court solutions have evolved to meet this need.

Small claims lawyers

As business law lawyers we are experienced in all manner of civil claims for money and breach of contract legal issues involving faulty goods and substandard or incomplete services. Setting ourselves apart from other consumer and commercial law firms in London, we offer direct access to a claims lawyer and first free legal advice uk on your case and the small claims procedure.

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Small claims court

The small claims track of the county court is a quicker, more cost effective way to take legal action against a business or individual for claims up to £10000. While you don't need a lawyer or solicitor having a legal professional check the strength of your case, prepare the documents and legal argument can prove invaluable, saving time and money in the long run. 

Small claims mediation service

Going to court is a serious step and should be a last resort after all other efforts to settle the dispute have failed. However, even after the claim has been issued, claimants and defendants are strongly encouraged to engage in the small claims mediation process and is included in our fixed fee packages.

Small claims costs

The costs payable to issue a claim and for the hearing are fixed based upon the size of the claim and whether its filed via money claims on line or at the court the details of which are contained in the form EX50 here>>>

From 21st March 2016 the application fees for setting aside a default judgment, amending a claim or defence for example have risen from £155 to £255, making it expensive if you miss deadlines of need to make changes.

Applications to vary a judgment or suspend enforcement have also risen from £50 to £100 encouraging unsuccessful parties to deal with payment at the hearing.

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