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Small claim checker

Get the Legal Basis and Strength of a

Small Claim Checked By a Lawyer

Before Going to Court

Small Claim Checker

Small claim checker allows potential claimants or defendants to have the claim they're either thinking about issuing or are defending reviewed and receive an expert legal opinion from a lawyer on the facts in issue, the legal defences, the amount of compensation or damages claimed and of course the likelihood of succeeding in court. 


£118.80 Inc VAT

What can I claim for?

You can make a claim in the small claims court for pretty much any breach of contract for example from someone owing you money, faulty goods, incomplete or substandard services. However, winning or defending the case or how much compensation you'll get is a different matter. 

What does it cost

Small claims court fees are fixed by HM Courts and Tribunal Services based upon the amount claimed, which following the rule "the loser pays" are usually recoverable if you succeed. However, the court may impose costs against a party who brings a claim which has no legal basis or raises a bare denial as a defence with no chance of success; if in doubt is pays to get your claim checked out

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