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A Warning to Car Dealers Closed for Coronavirus

Car dealers and dealerships in general seem to be operating under the misapprehension that closing the dealership due to the coronavirus suspends [...]
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new and used car complaints
New and Used Car Complaints – 2020 Vision

The decline in UK car sales and contraction in the retail motor industry has been blamed on Brexit; but who’s to blame for the increase in [...]
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write off
Car Dealer Sells Insurance Write-Offs and Crash Damaged Cars

A much-reported recent investigation by BBC Rip-Off Britain revealed that “THREE of the UK's biggest car dealerships have been selling insurance [...]
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Gun for Hire
Expert Opinions – Yes Men or Gun for Hire?

Increasingly, I am presented with a so-called expert opinion authored by a mainstream volume provider, favoured by car dealers and finance [...]
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claims agent
Can I Reject a Car for Poor Paintwork or Badly Repaired Damage?

There is a commonly held opinion amongst car dealers and solicitors dealing with the motor trade that a customer can’t reject a vehicle based on [...]
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Car Sales Legal Advice & Services

Calls to our second-hand car sales legal advice & services line jumped 25% in May reaching over 600, the highest number since the service was [...]
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motor industry lawyers
Why Car Dealers Need a Lawyer

There are two professionals every car dealer, trader and retailer need, an accountant and a lawyer, specifically ones which understand how the [...]
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Betterment. A Car Dealer Get Out of Jail Free Card

When a customer demands a fault repair on a second-hand car using new replacement parts under the auspices of a Sale of Goods Act claim, the car [...]
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The Impact of The Consumer Rights Bill

The Consumer Rights Bill is expected to gain Royal assent and become national law in October next year. At first glance the Consumer Rights Act [...]
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