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Car Rejection Claims Increase – #coronavirus

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The demand for legal advice about car rejection has skyrocketed amid concerns about availability of spare parts and the closure of car dealerships and service departments, made worse by many dealers not having an active complaints process and simply failing to respond to customers.

Land Rover, Jaguar, VW and Renault have suffered partial or incomplete DPF regeneration problems, requiring repeated forced regeneration or DPF replacement and/or the resultant oil dilution. Buyers of vehicles such as these feel they are left with no option but rejection. Until now manufacturers, dealerships and finance companies have deflected or delayed rejection claims, based upon driving style, low, or stop-start usage which they claim are responsible for these DPF related problems.

However, with vehicle use declining, and more and more people working from home during the Coronavirus lockdown, the number of vehicles displaying early service warnings and/or going into limp mode is set to increase and with it the number of people claiming refunds.

While finance companies are responding to the increase by dealing with the investigations and delivering the final response quicker and not using the whole 8 weeks provided by the FCA regulations, there seems to be early signs that they are content not to uphold complaints in the first instance and let the already heavily burdened Financial Ombudsman deal with it.

In many respects the strategy has worked well in spreading the rejection claims, simply due to the ever-increasing time it takes for the Ombudsman to arrive at a decision, but as time scales have reached close to a year, it is no longer a quicker option than litigation.

The bottom line is, without the dealers dealing with the complaints on the front line and offering repairs or replacements, there is less resistance to vehicle rejection.

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