Contracts Legal Advice

Contract Lawyers Advising on Business and Consumer Contract Law and Breach of Contract Disputes

Contracts Legal Advice

Contract lawyers in London, Surrey and Kent specialising in practical consumer and business contract legal advice and cost-effective legal services for all manner breach of contract disputes for small business and members of the public throughout the UK.

Like it or not contracts are the life-blood of our economy, the keystone of commercial life and the source of the majority of consumer and business disputes and compensation claims. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller of anything from a car to a caravan, a boat to a building or a holiday to a handbag, it’s all done using contracts.

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Breach of Contract

Whether it’s a consumer contract or commercial contract, Stormcatcher business contract lawyers have experience in advising firms and individuals on all aspects of breach of contract disputes and contract law UK.

For expert contracts legal advice on terminating business agreements, commercial and consumer breach of contract legal rights, remedies and damages call 0333 700 7676.

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Consumer or Commercial?

Dealing as or with a consumer as opposed as a company or business brings with it a whole range of different rules concerning the whether standard terms and conditions are fair or reasonable, cancellation rights, cooling off periods and refunds.

Online E-commerce Contracts

Off-premises, distance selling and e-commerce transactions, contracts, terms and conditions are an everyday source of enquiry for contracts legal advice with the growth of eBay sellers and online sales.

Implied Terms

Written contracts are the tip of the iceberg, beneath the surface lies a complex web of implied terms automatically included into contracts by legislation such as Consumer Rights Act, Employment Rights Act, Unfair Commercial Practices, Distance Selling & Supply of Goods & Services

Employment Contracts

If you’re an employer of thinking about recruiting staff and workers for your business then an employment contract with clear and concise terms and appropriate procedures is vital to protect your business interests and create a productive, efficient working environment.