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Consumer Rights Law, Sale of Goods, Legal Advice on How to Get a Refund, Reject or Replace Goods and Services

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Consumer rights law legal advice and services direct from a lawyer specialising in consumer contracts law for individuals and businesses who have bought faulty goods or substandard services from a retailer or trader who refuses to offer a repair or refund the original purchase price.

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Consumer Rights Lawyers

Stormcatcher Consumer Rights Lawyers specialise in breach of consumer contract legal advice and consumer protection regulations covering legal rights when making a purchase from a builder, garage, shop or on the internet which can include any number of situations where an extension of home improvements is not finished or defective, a dodgy second car or mechanical repair.

Consumer rights legal issues and consumer protection laws are complicated and far-reaching as leading lawyers in legal rights and small claims we offer a low cost, accessible alternative to high street Consumer Law Solicitors & Civil Litigation Lawyers.

Get a Refund

Just because the Consumer Rights Act 2015 says you are entitled to reject goods and get a refund doesn’t make it any easier getting your money back. In some cases, it’s because the business is operating under the old sale of goods law believing they have the right to repair first or they just don’t know the law and then there are the others…

We have a range of low cost, fixed price services to help reject cars, products or services and get you where you want to go.

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Selling & Buying Faulty Goods

When you buy goods or product from business consumer law says that certain consumer legal rights apply as to their conformity to the description advertised or given, the satisfactory quality and fitness for purpose.

These rights are outlined in the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 now incorporated into the Consumer Rights Act from 1st October 2015.

However, trying to present the evidence, legal basis of the problem, getting the retailer to listen and ultimately exercise your legal rights in retail, shopping and consumer law claims is easier said than done.

Trusted Traders?

Employing a builder to carry out building work, a mechanic to service or carry out car repairs, a carpenter or fitter to install a new kitchen requires the homeowner to put a lot of money and trust in a trader, which sometimes leaves the consumer out of pocket and out in the cold.

If things go wrong, are not done in time or not finished at all the law says we as customers are entitled to take legal action and get the work out right, completed and maybe receive compensation. To find out what the legal position is for your complaint and what you can do about it Stormcatcher business lawyers can help.