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Consumer Law Lawyers

Stormcatcher Consumer Law Lawyers aim to take the stress and anxiety out of consumer disputes providing expert legal advice and guidance to individuals and retailers on the legal rights when buying goods and services across all areas of the UK from our locations in London, Surrey and Kent.

Our solutions and common sense based approach offers a refreshing alternative to consumer rights legal issues and high street civil litigation solicitors, specialising in resolving cases through mediation, arbitration and small claim claims.

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Buyer Legal Rights

As leading legal consultants on consumer law and the causes of consumer disputes we have industry-specific expertise and vast experience of the problems of getting a supplier to fix a faulty product or service or issue you with a refund, depending on the product or service mis-sold.

Consumer Law Legal Advice

Whether you are making a complaint or defending against a complaint, our consumer lawyers are committed to resolving the problem as quickly and as cost effectively as possible, with our fixed fee, all-inclusive legal services packages.

Your Legal Rights

If you buy a product from a shop or a business there is an implied term in the sale contract that the goods will be fit for purpose, of satisfactory quality, that it matches the description and of course that the retailer is legally entitled to sell it. These rights are included in the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Consumer Rights Act from 1st October 2015.

Supply of Services

Similarly, if you employ a builder, tradesman or mechanic to carry out some work for you there’s an implied term that the work will be carried out with reasonable care and skill, in a reasonable time and for a reasonable cost. If they don’t then you may be entitled to have the work repaired, completed or redone or even a discount or refund depending on the circumstances.