How to Reject a Second-Hand Car, Get it Repaired or Replaced Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015

Used Car Complaints UK

Complaints about second-hand cars bought from dealers are still rank amongst the top reasons customers and dealers contact citizens advice and trading standards but the huge number of complaints has stretched resources to the limit leaving no choice than to consult the internet for self-help.

Unfortunately, some information is wrong and misleading often causing more harm than good, so what do you do if car develops a fault or is unroadworthy, you find out it’s on finance, insurance write off or it doesn’t match the description?

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The Motor Ombudsman

The Motor Ombudsman is a certified Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider and subscription-based motor industry code of practice for the sale of new cars and vehicle servicing which receives around 13000 calls for advice a year from both customers, garages and dealers. However, when it comes to second-hand cars, which represents the majority of vehicle sales, there are limited options available for ADR for car complaints leaving the long drawn out and expensive court action as seemingly the only viable option.


The Retail Motor Industry Federation is a motor trade membership body representing the interests of new vehicle dealerships, commercial vehicle dealers, independent garages, traders, bodyshops and motorcycle dealers. Members and their customers can access the services of the National Conciliation Service which is a certified, independent, automotive ADR provider that offers dispute resolution services to businesses and customers when disputes cannot be resolved through a business’ internal processes.

What if You’re Not Happy With The Response?

Both motor trade associations do an invaluable job in raising standards in the industry, but they do represent only their members and although ADR is available it is a voluntary process, at least as far as used car sales are concerned.

So it is possible that they may not be able to help a private car buyer, leaving you to find an affordable, accessible solicitor such as Thomas Boyd Whyte to take of a car dealer, bring a small claim or issue proceedings in the County Court.

How Can Stormcatcher Help?

Stormcatcher Lawyers aim to offer a fast, effective and affordable one-stop access to all the legal advice, letters, documents and dispute resolution on all your car-related legal needs.

As leading experts in car sales, vehicle problems and the motor trade, we literally understand the mechanics and the legal basis of all manner of issues to do with second-hand cars.

Our lawyer on demand and free initial telephone legal advice service means your call and your legal questions are answered by a specialist car lawyer, straight away.

Different from motor industry solicitors, motor trade law consultancy and the industry organisations, we represent car buyers and sellers, offering them affordable fixed price dispute resolution services including ADR, mediation, litigation and small claims.