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Members of the public and businesses can make a claim and represent themselves without a small claims solicitor in court and many do because of the rule which limits the recovery of legal expenses and costs from the defendant.

However, expert legal advice and professionally drafted documents and claim form, can prove invaluable and cost-effective, reduce the chances of the claim being struck out and increase your chances of succeeding with your claim.

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Small Claims

Small Claims Court or more accurately the small claims track of the County Court is where claims valued up to £10,000 are allocated. The majority relate to breach of contract, debts or money claims.

Small claims are generally less formal, are not subject to the same rules and are cheaper and quicker than fast and multi-track claims.

The costs are fixed in small claims cases which the successful party can usually recover from the other side. However, this can put people off using a solicitor to help them with preparing the claim or defence because there is little chance of recovering the fees.

While the small claims process is intended to be navigated by the litigants and the claimant and defendant are expected to attend the hearing as witnesses, a professionally drafted particulars of claim or defence can make the difference between winning and losing.

Our affordable fixed price small claims lawyer package has evolved to meet this need offering both claimants and defendants the benefits of a lawyer without the usual associated costs.

Affordable Legal Services

Taking the strain out of making or defending a small claim, our small claims lawyers are experienced in all aspects of breach of contract including debt recovery, late payments and unpaid invoices. Direct access to a small claims lawyer offering an efficient, effective legal solution whether you’re issuing or defending a small claim in the County Court.


Small claims cases include free mediation by the small claims mediation team at no cost. This hour-long telephone call between the claimant and the mediator and the defendant and mediator provides an invaluable opportunity to resolve the case and receive a binding settlement agreement.

What’s Included?

Whether you’re making a small claim or defending, we’ll advise you on the legal issues and strength of your case, complete the claim form, draft the defence and statement of case along with witness statements and any other documents needed through the claims process to judgment.

Areas of Law and Legal Expertise

Experienced in all aspects of the small claims process and bringing and defending a claim in court arising from breach of business and consumer contracts, money claims and unpaid debts.

We are regularly instructed by

  • Car dealers and car buyers in relation to complaints and claims for refunds for faulty second-hand cars
  • Builders and homeowners for non-payment of invoices, delayed, unfinished or substandard building work and property refurbishment
  • Bodyshops, garages and consumers with mechanical and cosmetic vehicle repair issues
  • Small businesses and freelancers for recovering unpaid invoices

Small Claims Lawyers

As business law lawyers we are experienced in all manner of civil claims for money and breach of contract legal issues involving faulty goods and substandard or incomplete services. Setting ourselves apart from other consumer and commercial law firms in London, we offer direct access to a claims lawyer and first free legal advice UK on your case and the small claims procedure.

Faulty Goods & Products

Been sold a faulty washing machine or dodgy used car which proved unroadworthy? Had some building work done which doesn’t come up to scratch and are struggling to get a refund, replacement or repairs? Get advice on how to make a claim or defending a claim in the small claims track of the County Court.

How to Take a Car Dealer to Court

Need to know your legal rights when buying a car from a dealer or thinking about suing a car dealer over a used car complaint or a second-hand car? Our claims lawyers are expert in motor trade law, consumer rights and all aspects of buying and selling motor vehicles.

How to Take a Company to Court

Taking a company to the Small Claims Court or need to know how to sue a business because they owe you money or a refund because of problems with goods or services they’ve supplied? Call our small claims advice line for initial free advice on how to start a small claims case.

Complaints About Services

Making or facing a complaint about or need to know what a customer’s legal rights are for home improvements, building work or vehicle repairs? Call a small claims lawyer for Small Claims Court advice and an assessment of the likelihood of claims success in HM Courts and Tribunal Service.

Owed Money?

Thinking about making a money claim for an unpaid business invoice or to getting money back owed by someone or reimbursement for repairs carried out? We can help with all types of civil litigation heard in the Small Claims Court.

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