Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Stormcatcher Dispute Resolution Lawyers work to resolve all kinds of disputes cost-effectively, for companies and individuals alike.

Business Dispute Resolution Services

Stormcatcher Business Dispute Resolution Lawyer Services have extensive experience in contract disputes, complaint and conflict management with an ethos which centres around resolving disputes using alternative dispute resolution including Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration with litigation and court action being the last resort.

We advise a diverse range of corporate and commercial clients both in the domestically and internationally as well as private individuals concerning a wide range of issues in the UK including debt collection, construction projects, late payment of invoices, breach of contract, high-value assets finance and insurance.

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Conflict and Disputes

Business complaints, disagreements and conflicts can quickly escalate into legal problems and ending up in court, with the only certainty being it will be expensive and drawn out. We work closely with clients to identify potential areas of high risk and help them manage it accordingly adopting a strategic and solutions based approach, focused on our client’s objectives and delivering the best results, efficiently, commercially and in terms of value for money.

Mediation Arbitration Litigation

Help to resolve disputes out of court on the documents or at a hearing

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Chartered Arbitrator International & UK Arbitration

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Small Claims

Making or defending a small claim up to £10,000?

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Business Mediation

ADR mediation and business mediation, in particular, is successful in resolving business disputes in over 80% of cases. The ADR process is a fast, flexible and effective method of resolving disputes out of court facilitated by an independent, impartial lawyer-mediator. Successful agreements are recorded in a settlement agreement, signed and sealed by the court making them capable of legal enforcement.

Small Claims & Litigation

Taking someone to court should be the last resort after all other efforts to resolve the problem have been exhausted. For claims up to £10,000, the small claims court is a fixed price, low-cost method compared to the fast track for claims up to £25,000 and the multi-track above that.

Resolving Disputes is Our Business

As a professional mediator, Chartered Arbitrator and commercial negotiator coupled with deep industry expertise and experience in resolving disputes with alternative dispute resolution has led to us being regularly instructed in by companies, businesses and individuals.

Settlement Agreement

Dispute settlement agreements are recorded by way of a consent or Tomlin order detailing the terms of the negotiated settlement and filed with the court capable of being enforced should a party not stick to the agreement.

Mediate, Arbitrate, Litigate

Our lawyer-mediators and arbitrators are best placed to explain the different solutions available, the costs and risk implications and of course the suitability of mediation, arbitration and litigation for resolving the matter in question