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Complaints and problems with building work, builders and home improvements

Building & Home Improvements

Complaints about builders, delayed or shoddy building work and substandard home improvements are amongst the most complained about in the UK leaving the homeowner out of pocket and out in the cold.

Despite best efforts of Checkatrade, industry self-regulation through membership codes of conduct and the vast majority of reputable decorators, plumbers and builders problems occur and disagreements about extras, costs and standards arise.

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Independent & Impartial Advice

Homeowner legal services offer independent and impartial legal advice, letters and dispute resolution services for consumers and homeowners unsure about their legal rights and expectations when employing traders in their home.

Building Expertise

Homeowner legal services offer a down to earth solutions-based approach for customers and tradesman alike facilitated by our building qualifications and experience in all aspects of residential property development, extensions and refurbishment.

Poor Kitchen & Bathroom Installation

Kitchens and bathrooms are key features in our homes and amongst the biggest financial investment in our home improvements. If the fitters and installers haven’t done a good job or you haven’t got what you bargained for, emotions naturally start to run high. Our home improvement legal specialists and construction law lawyers can advise you on your rights and options.

Work Not Done on Time

Time, for homeowners is inevitably crucial. Living in a house that’s a building site with limited services or no hot water is no fun which is why building contracts should include a completion date. If it looks like the works not going to be finished on time or at all give homeowner legal services a call.

Quotes, Estimates & Charges

Money is often at the centre of most disputes about building, decorators, double glazing and locksmiths. What was quoted for in the original estimate, the cost of extras and of course the cost of finishing or putting work right by another tradesperson are all within our areas of expertise.

Homeowners’ Rights And Obligations

Stormcatcher Construction Lawyers represent and accept instructions from both builders and homeowners. Builders and contractors have the right to access the property to carry out the work and of course the right to be paid. On the other hand, homeowners have the right to expect the work to be of a certain standard, completed within a reasonable time and for a reasonable price.

Terminating a construction contract prematurely or without adequate grounds can itself become a breach of contract. If you are having problems with building work, getting legal advice early and before you kick the contractor off the job or the builder suspends work or walks off the job, can prove invaluable.

Building Work and Construction Dispute Resolution

We are experienced in Alternative Dispute Resolution [dispute-resolution] including negotiation, mediation and arbitration for all aspects of building work and construction contract disputes. Invariably a quicker and cheaper than litigation, resolving building disputes out of court using ADR is successful in over 80% of cases offering flexible solutions for real-world problems.

Causes of Building Work Disputes

Building work disputes and problems with construction usually arise from one or more of three reasons; faulty products & materials from third-party suppliers, poor workmanship from subcontractors and disputed extra costs from a lack of clarity in contract terms and conditions.

Quality Of The Building Work

The Consumer Rights Act states that the work should be carried out with reasonable care and skill or to a poor standard. Often this can be obvious but may vary in severity from snagging, which is a usual part of construction projects, to unfinished or substandard work.

This can also include cheap or poor quality materials, goods and fittings.

Building Work Or Fixtures Not As Described

Usually, home extensions, loft conversions, basement conversions, kitchens etc have architectural plans, detailed schedule of works and specifications which describe the client’s expectations.

Kitchens will have been planned, the cabinets, work surfaces, appliances, tiles and finishes will have been agreed and form part of the contract. If the goods are not as described, disputes arise potentially leading to claims for breach of contract.

Delays And Payment

Unsurprisingly, money is at the centre of most construction disputes involving JCT building contracts or general construction contracts.

With Quantity Surveyors, Architects and Project Management firms working for the client to try and ensure the completion date and, standards of workmanship and met while trying to cut costs, emotions can run high, especially involving extras and measure and value contracts.

We work with building contractors to resolve disputes with the minimum of disruption to the program and mitigating the exposure to financial risk.

Trusted Traders?

Whether employing a builder to carry out building work, a mechanic to service or carry out car repairs, a carpenter or fitter to install a new kitchen, the homeowner is required to put a lot of money and trust in a trader. This can sometimes leave the consumer out of pocket and out in the cold.

If things go wrong, are not done in time or not finished at all, the law says we as customers are entitled to take legal action and get the work out right, completed and maybe receive compensation. To find out what the legal position is for your complaint and what you can do about it, contact Stormcatcher Business Lawyers to see how we can help.

Supply of Services

Similarly, if you employ a builder, tradesman or mechanic to carry out some work for you, there’s an implied term that the work will be carried out with reasonable care and skill, in a reasonable time and for a reasonable cost. If they don’t, then you may be entitled to have the work repaired, completed or even redone. You may even be entitled to a discount or refund depending on the circumstances.