Late Payment Lawyers

Small Business Late Payments, Unpaid Invoices, Business Debts Recovery and Legal Action

Late Payment Lawyers

Stormcatcher Business Lawyers offer legal advice and a range of affordable legal services for small businesses, contractors and traders looking to recovery unpaid invoices and get paid on time, at a fraction of the costs of a high street solicitor.

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Unpaid and Late Payments Invoices

For small and medium-sized businesses cashflow is king, yet over 60% are put at risk due to regular unpaid or late payment of invoices, and commercial bad debts.

However, there’s often more to recovering outstanding or overdue bills than just employing a debt collection agency, especially when there’s a contract dispute or underlying issue to do with the goods or services. So before you go throwing good money after bad, call for free initial advice and a fixed fee quotation.

Mind Your Ts & Cs

Clear and concise agreements can avoid any misunderstanding or unwitting agreement to oppressive payment terms, as well as setting out the ground rules for dispute resolution and compensation for late payments of commercial debt act.

Protecting Business Relationships

Small businesses are put off chasing defaulting clients, through fear of falling out of favour and not getting more work. In reality, it’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it and our business legal consultants are past masters at it.

Late Payment Law

For many firms, compensation is not their objective, however, the ability to charge 8% interest over base rate and claim the cost of recovering the money can act as a powerful deterrent against late payments.

How to Claim Late Payments Interest

When payment becomes overdue, compensation and interest can be claimable and a letter outlining the broad “how, when, where and why” of the debt occurring and of course the amounts. For help and guidance on late payments call one of our specialist business lawyers.