Business Legal Services

A business lawyer is not only there to deal with things when they go wrong but an important asset to the health and success of your small business or company.

Business Lawyer for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses UK

A trusted business advisor who understands your commercial objectives, is committed to protecting your assets and can guide you through the challenging and often complex regulatory and legal landscape.

However, finding the right business lawyer for you, someone who talks your language, has real-world business experience and adds value, isn’t easy to find.

Stormcatcher Business Lawyers have evolved to meet this need, affordable, accessible specialist business legal advisors.

Different from traditional business law firms and business solicitors, Stormcatcher Business Lawyers have unique experience and insight.

Importantly aside from business law expertise, we understand the need to be on hand, act quickly and deliver results.

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Business Legal Advice

We pride ourselves on providing fast, effective business legal advice tailored to the specific circumstances to entrepreneurs, SMEs and large companies. We don’t do legal advice online, not because we’re technophobes but believe our clients deserve direct access to their business lawyer when they need it.

Renowned for our intuitive thinking and incisive business legal advice has led to Stormcatcher business lawyers fast becoming the preferred alternative to commercial and business solicitors.

Operating outside the confines of a traditional law set or chambers, we don’t have high street offices or paralegals and passing the cost savings onto our clients.

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Legal Documentation

There is little doubt that businesses are built on UK contract law. Getting the right legal documentation, business agreements and contract review is central to the success of the business and part of the stock in trade of a business lawyer.

Although there are legal services online for business contract templates, we believe in the personal approach. Our business and contracts lawyers will draft your legal documentation and terms and conditions from scratch. This can be either for a one-off fixed fee or as part of our pay monthly legal outsourcing business

Debt Recovery

Finding the work and carrying out the contract is one thing, but increasingly SMEs are finding getting paid to be equally challenging. Some unpaid invoices may be due to genuine contract disputes over goods not received or problems with the service.

However, others may be simply because the firm won’t pay or can’t pay the money they owe you.

In any event debt recovery of unpaid invoices is part of everyday business life, it’s how to deal with it that’s important.

Different from debt collection firms and traditional debt recovery solicitors we offer a low-cost collaborative approach to debt recovery. First, we want to try and preserve commercial relationships and get to the bottom of why the invoice isn’t being paid. Second, we try to secure a business agreement for repayment. Third, we establish whether the debtor can pay or not.

If not then they are trading insolvently and may warrant a statutory demand being issued and winding up proceedings. On the other hand, they may just be refusing to pay and issuing a county court claim may be more appropriate.

Whatever the circumstances we can offer you the business legal advice you need to help you find the more effective route to debt recovery.

Dispute Resolution

Customer complaints and commercial disputes are a natural side effect of being business; you can’t keep all the people happy all the time.

However, how you deal with conflict and disputes when they arise can set you apart from your competitors and actually be a positive.

Dispute resolution comes in various forms, negotiation, mediation, conciliation, arbitration and of course litigation. Each has different merits and costs implications.

In any event, ADR or settling disputes out of court is likely to be the preferred method in almost all circumstances. It’s quicker, less formal, cheaper and private.

Here at Stormcatcher and our sister firm, LawPlan, we pride ourselves on our ADR dispute resolution track record, which is above the average 80% for ADR mediation.

Often, the issue can be simply one of communication or lack of it and a loss of confidence in the business by the customer. Giving the parties the opportunity to express their complaint or issue in a non-combative, non-adversarial environment can be key.

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LawPlan Legal Services Plan

The LawPlan Legal Services Plan is designed to be the most comprehensive, accessible and affordable legal services for startups and SMEs.

Our pay-monthly legal outsourcing aims to offer businesses the benefits of an on-demand commercial lawyer without the hefty cost.

We are a remote business law firm able to offer legal documents, business law contracts, business legal advice and dispute resolution services for a fixed low-cost monthly fee.