Second-Hand Car Legal Issues

What Are Your Legal Rights if Something Goes Wrong With A Car Bought From a Dealer?

Second-Hand Car Legal Issues

Specialist Car Sales Lawyers in London, Essex, Surrey and Kent with in-depth experienced in all manner of disputes involving second-hand cars legal issues, car dealers and traders throughout the UK.

If you’ve bought a used car from a dealership or garage which has turned out to be faulty or defective or has outstanding finance, or an insurance write off despite being assured its HPI clear or it’s been clocked and you need legal advice and help this is the service for you.

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Car Consumer Rights

Despite consumer rights law being design to increase car buyers rights allowing you to reject a faulty car and get a refund in the first 30 days or get the car repaired at the dealer’s expense, getting your money back on a second-hand car is a different matter.

With unparalleled knowledge and experience, you come to us when you need not only someone who knows the rules but also knows the motor industry in depth.

Not Satisfactory Quality or Fit For Purpose

What happens when you’ve bought a faulty second-hand car and how do you enforce your legal rights under the Sale of Goods Act or Consumer Rights Act?

If the vehicle isn’t of satisfactory quality or fit for purpose, you may be entitled to reject the car and get a refund but knowing which legal service you need and finding a low-cost second-hand car solicitor can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Our leading motor trade and car sales lawyer has the solution, call for a free consultation and initial legal advice 0333 700 7676

Bought a Car With Outstanding Finance?

If you buy a second-hand car on finance from a car dealer or private car sale you haven’t bought anything but a legal problem. With the motor finance company still having legal title of the car they have the right to repossess it if the borrower doesn’t pay the instalments, leaving the innocent buyer without the car and their money. If you’ve bought a motor vehicle with outstanding finance on it, call our motor finance legal experts for a free initial consultation and car legal advice.

Cat C, Cat D Insurance Write Off

Dealing in salvage and damage repairable cars is perfectly legitimate, repairing and selling them without telling the customer the history isn’t and is contrary to consumer protection laws.

If you’ve bought a car that’s an insurance write off and weren’t told about it at the time by the garage or dealer you may be able to get your money back and get a refund. Unlike traditional motor industry solicitors we are low cost, fixed fee, direct access leading motoring lawyers, call 0333 700 7676 for a free initial consultation.

Mileage False or Been Clocked?

Condition, provenance and mileage are all key to used car values and ultimately car legal issues. Simply, the lower the mileage the more that car’s worth and as a result turning the clock back or clocking increases the motor traders profit margin. But of course, it’s against the law for trading law advice call 0333 700 7676.

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