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Dispute Resolution & Consumer Rights Training For Dealership Managers & Professionals Designed & Delivered By Leading Experts

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We are a nationally renowned set of legal consultants who specialise in the automotive industry and in motor trade law training. Widely regarded as the pre-eminent firm for training and developing managers and business leaders, we work to the highest standards across the full spectrum of legal and regulatory issues, as well as dispute and conflict resolution.

With unparalleled experience and knowledge in the motor trade, we work with dealerships, manufacturers and the interaction between them, championing the importance of training and developing managers and business leaders to the highest standards, preparing them to effectively overcome commercial challenges and exceed financial objectives.

With our unique experience, we are widely regarded as the gold standard for management and leadership skills development in the retail motor industry.

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Consumer Rights Training

In October 2015 the Consumer Rights Act 2015 consolidated the Sale of Goods Act 1979, along with a plethora of other consumer protection and fair trading laws.

The Consumer Rights Act addresses consumer concerns, such as unfair terms in standard form contracts, consumer rights when buying goods and services, product safety, misleading or deceptive conduct and more. Violations of the Act can be expensive and result in serious corporate penalties, depending on the offence committed.

The prevalence of consumer finance and the ability for customers to easily escalate complaints to the Financial Ombudsman has further exacerbated the risk for retailers and finance providers.

Our Consumer Rights Training course explains the Consumer Rights Act in simple, understandable and engaging terms and provides real-world examples and hypothetical scenarios to highlight the consumer issues that managers should learn to spot and respond to in a way that will protect themselves and their organisations.

Contract Law Training

The humble contract is the DNA of the everyday world and the global business community, connecting employees, consumers and suppliers to the company; designed for commercial efficiency and expediency by managing risk and expectations with legal enforceability.

Contracts are literally the ‘life-blood’ of your business and as a result, it follows that a working knowledge of contracts and the rules of engagement is essential for managers and business leaders.

Our interactive, enjoyable approach deconstructs the sales process and specific contracts for the sale of goods and services, tailored and relevant to the attendees. We demonstrate the law in action, highlighting the risks and opportunities.

Complaints & Dispute Resolution Training

Complaints, disputes and conflict are inevitable in any industry and often how these are managed in the initial stages can determine whether or not they escalate to Court action, complaints to the Financial Ombudsman or to a tribunal, taking unnecessary time and resources away from the business focus.

As a result, more and more professionals and managers are getting involved in managing conflict situations and disputes quickly and as inexpensively as possible.

Our structured and highly interactive training programme is based on relevant, realistic case studies and delivered by experienced practitioners with industry expertise.

Trading Standards Law Training

Trading standards law dovetails in with consumer law but extends from just civil liability to criminal sanctions for the sale or exposure for sale of unroadworthy vehicles, and or the repair and return of a vehicle which is unroadworthy, covered by the Road Traffic Act.

Unfair commercial practises, unfair contract terms, product safety, advertising and pricing all come within the purview of Trading Standards in the pursuance of reducing consumer harm from rogue traders and outlawed commercial practices.

While the law can be complex, our training program simply illustrates the ‘hot spots’ during everyday commercial transactions and the associated risk. We provide you with the systems and methods to easily impute into your existing business models.

Our Philosophy

We aim to take the law and regulatory rules and apply them to real-world situations, anecdotes and everyday systems and sales processes; easily identifying the risks and issues as well as working through the methods to resolve and prevent them in the future.

Dispute & Conflict

Customer complaints, appraisals, grievance & disciplinary investigations & hearings

Motor Trade Law

Product liability, negligence, contract law, consumer rights, unfair terms & practices


Professional, persuasive written and oral advocacy communications & negotiation


The playwright George Bernard Shaw is credited with saying that “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

In a customer facing industry like the motor trade, communication is critical and it may not be surprising to learn that more than half of complaints, disputes and dysfunction both with customers and employees alike derive from miscommunication. As professional advocates, written and oral communication in succinctly relaying our intentions, offers, agreements and personality is our stock in trade. We incorporate the effective use of language and syntax into our training as well as design and deliver specific programs for better negotiation and dispute resolution.

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