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Motor industry lawyers

Motor Industry Lawyers, Car Experts

Motor industry lawyers are automotive specialists, new and used car experts, offering legal advice and dispute resolution services to car dealerships and private clients.

Coming from a transactional background namely repairing, buying and selling cars, we are retail motor industry and car experts. Our  expertise extends to all types of motor vehicle with specific expertise in prestige cars, super cars and collector cars, such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Range Rover and Ferrari.

We advise on all aspects of the law involving car sales including reject a used car, bought a car with finance owing, vehicle repairs, classic car restoration, motor finance and consumer rights when buying a car from a dealer.

Common problems  include defective work, car not fit for purpose or satisfactory quality, misrepresentation, fake service history and bought a car with outstanding finance‌‌.

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Automotive specialists

Setting ourselves apart from traditional motor solicitors who deal with the motor trade, faulty car complaints and car problems, we are automotive specialists‌‌.

In an £80 billion industry, with millions of cars sold every year and 100,000's of car related complaints there are few other lawyers that specialise in this area. Our unparalleled insight and unique skill set has led to us becoming the leading law firm for car dealerships, repairers, restorers as well as consumers and collectors.

Stormcatcher motor industry lawyers have a down to earth approach to car sales, trading standards law, accident repairs, servicing, financial and  motor industry legal services: we talk your language

Simply we know the law, the cars, the tricks of the trade and the automotive industry inside out and are the go to law firm for all vehicle related legal issues and for a fraction of the cost of solicitors and barristers

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used car expert

We are unusual, coming to the law as a second career after a successful career as a used car trader and motor dealer. This insight and used car expertise has proven invaluable when dealing with rare, high value and specialist cars.

This in depth and thorough understanding of the motor vehicles, the market and the methods people use to defraud car buyers is essential and central to success.   Car dealers know in an instant when a motor solicitor doesn’t know what they're talking about and so do we.

Case Study

Mr S bought a BMW M5 from a used car dealer on a HP agreement with a finance company. Within a couple of weeks of owning the car, without warning it cut out while on the motorway and he coasted onto the hard shoulder. With no warning lights on, he attempted to restart the engine without success and had the car recovered to a garage for diagnostic testing. This revealed the engine had suffered a catastrophic failure and Mr S complained to the dealer and finance company who informed him that he had caused the damage, by trying to restart the engine. They alleged that drive on damage was the cause.

Having advised Mr S on the legal and technical position we prepared a case for the financial ombudsman, including drafting the claim and preparing the evidence. The claim was rejected in the first instance but succeeded on appeal resulting in Mr S receiving a refund of his deposit, along with the finance payments and compensation.

used car warranty law

Dealers rely on the benefits of a warranty to cover or reduce the future costs of inevitable vehicle repairs but what are used car warranty law requirements. Do you even have to put a warranty on a car, should it be 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. 

Many motor dealers are unsure about warranties and the legal rights under Consumer Rights Act 2015 as well as what happens when things don't go to plan and the warranty won't pay out and what rights to you have.  The same is true for car buyers, what do you do if the warranty won't cover the repair ?

We can help you understanding your used car warranty legal rights and the legal risks of the motor trade whether you're a private buyer or a car dealer, motor trade lawyers offer peace of mind.

Trading standards law

Advertising cars on Autotrader, Ebay or can be a tricky business. Car dealers who misdescribe  the condition or mileage or offering an unroadworthy car for sale are offences under trading standards law, which could result in a fine or even imprisonment. Motor trade lawyers are second hand car legal experts offering advice, guidance, policies and procedures - prevention is better than cure.

Consumer rights laws‌‌ 

Consumer rights laws are by far the most common complaint and the source of the most confusion between motor solicitors, car buyers and dealers. Number one on the list is the car not fit for purpose‌‌, followed by I've been sold an unroadworthy car‌‌, bought car on finance broken down‌‌ and I want to return a car on finance‌‌.

Trying to apply the facts surrounding the car problems to consumer rights laws and striking a balance between the rights of the dealership and the consumer is no easy feat.

Its not just about the age, mileage and price of the car but the reasons for the fault or failure and whether or not it is in the reasonable contemplation of the parties. Defences have succeeded relating to the issue being a characteristic of the vehicle, which does seem to suggest you could just simply by a bad car.

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Driving force for the retail motor industry

Motor industry lawyers is headed by Philip Harmer, who started his working life as a motor dealer, progressing to independent used car retailer and body shop business owner in London & Kent before being employed by Mercedes-Benz Retail Group and the Mercedes-Benz division of  Jardine Motors while completing his legal training. If you need to know how to return a used car, used car consumer rights or your rights when buying a used car from a dealer, call the experts

motor industry lawyers

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