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Why Car Dealers Need a Lawyer ……….

There are two professionals every car dealer, trader and retailer need, an accountant and a lawyer, specifically ones which understand how the motor trade works and the needs of the business.

The need for an effective accountant is obvious, to efficiently manage your VAT liability under the margin scheme and your tax affairs. However, the reasons to have a lawyer on retention may not be so clear cut.

A leading motor trade lawyer will be expert in commercial, consumer and contract law and practise, providing vital advice and solutions for almost every aspect of your business, from consumer rights and complaints, employment, motor finance, trading standards, small claims and everything in between.

Aside from their legal qualifications, here are some other important factors to consider when choosing the right lawyer and law plan for your business:
Motor trade knowledge
One of the main reasons new and used car dealers and dealerships don’t use lawyers until they’re being sued, is the feeling that lawyers don’t understand vehicle mechanical issues, brands, sales process or language of the industry. You wouldn’t buy a car without checking its history, so don’t wait until you’re facing a legal problem to find out your lawyer doesn’t know their wheel bearing from a head gasket.

Cost is undoubtedly a major issue when thinking about using a law firm, both in terms of fees, whether hourly, fixed or annual subscription- but what you get for your money?
Some subscription based firms have limitations on what areas of law, the number of cases per year and the types of documents if any, included in the price. All-inclusive, unlimited usage packages make for easier budgeting and avoids being caught with extra costs or with no cover.

Getting hold of a lawyer when you need them can be easier said than done, leaving you repeating the same story over and again to legal secretaries, junior lawyers or answer machines. Access to quick and concise legal advice not only provides peace of mind but can be the difference between doing the deal or not. Law firms which provide direct access to a nominated lawyer via their mobile phone and email will deliver quicker and more efficiently.

The bottom line is, the motor industry has changed, bringing with it more regulations, laws, buyers rights and increased trading standards powers; with it comes a more litigious society and compensation culture. As a result, having a lawyer on demand and a legal services package is now as necessary to your business and bank account as a good accountant.

LawPlan offers a fully comprehensive, unlimited access, pay-monthly legal services plan delivered direct from arguably the country’s leading motor industry lawyer, from as little as £49-50 per month or £595 annually. Call 0333 700 7676 or contact via

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