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Classic Car Lawyer

Classic Car Lawyer Advice & Legal Services

Our classic car lawyer legal services offer professional advice and guidance to individuals, private collectors and classic car dealers and brokers. Advising on all matters and disputes concerning concerning title, provenance, misrepresentation, fraud, misleading advertising and restoration issues relating to the buying and selling of classic, vintage and collector cars in the UK and internationally.

Different from traditional classic car solicitors and law firms dealing with luxury assets, Philip Harmer grew up in and around the car industry, learning about classic vehicles and the tricks of the trade the inside out. His unrivalled knowledge of the technical characteristics and problems of collector and vintage vehicles sets him apart.

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Sellers and Buyers

The classic car sector is naturally continually growing as the cars from today become the classics of the future driving the increase in value of classic, collector and race cars. With 30 years experience in the retail motor industry, we have unique insight of the cars of the 1980's and 1990's which have become the modern classics of today.

As well as the traditional E-Type Jaguars, Mercedes SL, Ferrari and Austin Healey we regularly advise both classic buyers , collectors and dealers on Cosworth's, RS Ford's, BMW M3, Porsche.

Often defaulting to litigation is expensive, time consuming and stressful, this has led to us adopting a collaborative approach with our clients to explore alternative methods of resolving disputes out of court.

Misrepresentation claims

These generally arise when a seller has made various statements or representations which turn out not to be true either as to service history, provenance or condition. Recent issues include a buyer discovering the car which he thought was an original but turns out to have been made up of parts the remainder of which exist in another car with the same registration, a previously damaged Ferrari 458, 550 Maranello and a Porsche 911 (993) 

Repair, Renovation and Restorations

All too often, barn finds and cars bought for restoration are a money pit, difficult to accurately estimate and costing more to restore than the car’s worth.

This is made worse with the absence of a schedule of works and prescribed instructions of what to do and how far to go. This leads to either the customer facing a bill much larger than anticipated and/or the restorer doing more than they should have done.

Notwithstanding the restorer biting off more than they can chew and not delivering a restoration to the requisite standard, leaving the owner out of pocket and with a vehicle requiring extensive remedial works. Recent cases have included a Ford Mexico, E-Type Jaguar, VW Camper Van and Lancia Delta Integrale Evo .

classic car lawyer

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