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Business Turnaround

Business Turnaround Specialist, Corporate 

Recovery & Performance Improvement Expert

Working With Companies to Survive & Thrive

Business Turnaround Specialist

Stormcatcher  business turnaround specialist, corporate recovery and performance improvement expert, working with struggling, distressed and potentially insolvent companies facing operational and financial difficulties to achieve a return to operational and financial stability, restore stakeholder confidence and focus on growth.

During a period of low cost and readily available borrowing, firms and management teams become accustomed to increasing turnover and return on investment. But when the market shifts, the business slows, margins reduce and liquidity dries up, they get caught in the head lights, without a strategy to deal with the changing landscape. 

However, out of crisis and chaos comes opportunity and profit. Turning from Stormcatcher to Rainmaker, we bring a fresh, dynamic and collaborative approach, working where possible with existing management to understand the issues and develop a bespoke strategy centred around the company’s core objectives.

If You Want to Survive and Thrive

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Survive and Thrive

Providing a tailored solution to each challenge by working hands on and alongside the management team drawing on our deep industry and operational experience inside the framework of our legal, regulatory and corporate governance expertise.  Renowned for our straight talking and down to earth approach we quickly gain the confidence of the board, employees and creditors changing from fear of bankruptcy to positivity for the future.

Dealing with creditors, including banks and finance houses, debt restructuring and rescheduling alongside raising capital and HMRC time to pay negotiations are the foundation stones of business recovery. Our integrity and reputation in this regard provides clarity, stability and confidence allowing us to implement the necessary changes to deliver rapid and tangible results.

Motor Industry Performance Improvement

Motor industry performance improvement and business turnaround specialist, with unique insight and knowledge of car dealerships, vehicle manufacturers and the automotive industry in general regularly instructed by dealers and retailers, looking to balance their contractual obligations with the manufacturer and profit making used cars business, diversify and increase profitability.

In 2017, we worked with 6 dealers, who were looking to streamline their business, increase turnover and improve margins through improved stock management, staff performance improvement, lowering borrowing costs, late and complaints costs. Additionally we worked with a major dealer group to reduce complaints and improve their handing process.

Transport Industry

With new car sales slowing, the vehicle logistics and transport sector felt the squeeze, putting pressure on margins and some struggling to stay above water. We worked with once such transport company throughout 2017, reducing their overheads, restructuring finance, dealing with creditors and improving productivity. While the firm didn’t quite manage to break into the black the deficit was reduced by over £1.1m year on year and projecting a return to profitability of 2018


They say when the cost of borrowing is cheap the value of money goes down. With consumer borrowing at an all time high and 90% of cars sold on finance, many fear a repeat of the secondary mortgage collapse in 2008. We have worked with finance companies to improve the balance of their lending portfolio, diversify, reduce default rate and better handle complaints to overall improve their balance sheet and reputation

business turnaround

business turnaround

business turnaround

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