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Business mediation services

The Courts and the ADR Directive actively encourage companies in dispute to explore the use of business mediation as a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution to resolve their differences before going to court with potential costs consequences for those who don't without good reason. 

Business Mediation saves time, is confidential, cost effective and flexible with a surprisingly high rate of success in resolving the issue but also preserving the business relationship between them. 

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Why use us

As experienced business mediators in resolving in a wide range of commercial problems we are versatile and strategic in developing the best tactics to achieve our clients objectives in the context of the wider commercial landscape and the likelihood the parties may want or need to continue doing business with each other. 

Stormcatcher Dispute Resolution work with clients across a wide range of industry sectors in the UK and internationally and particularly but not exclusively involving high values and complex issues offering a bespoke service that is tailored to their specific needs.

Business efficacy

Business mediation doesn't have to be retrospective or a last resort. Disagreements and disputes can be overcome and resolved during the currency of the contractual agreements using the mediation process actively taking steps to avoid disruption and wasted costs. 

Mediation process

Our professional legal services consultancy offers lawyer mediators with in a wide range of expertise in resolving commercial problems and business conflicts. The mediation process involves pre-mediation preparation and consultation with the parties prior to embarking in the path to negotiated settlement.

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