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Builders legal services

Legal Services for Builders, Contractors & Trades people

Builders legal services

Stormcatcher legal services for builders, contractors and trades people offering affordable, accessible legal advice, contracts dispute resolution direct from specialist construction lawyers.

Despite the JCT contract being the most common standard form construction contract in the UK, accounting for about 70% of building projects, proper contracts are rare in domestic and residential jobs.

This is due to standard contracts being more associated with design and build or standard building contracts, rather than so called mixed projects or home improvements jobs.

However, failing to comply with fundamental legal regulations such as distance selling, cancellation rights, unfair commercial practises and consumer rights is asking for trouble.

Our legal services for builders, contractors and home improvement businesses has evolved to meet this need.

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Building bridges not walls

Focussed on finding solutions and resolving complaints about building work, refurbishment and home improvements out of court. We are committed to prevention rather than cure,but are on hand and equipped to deal with building and construction disputes when they arise.

This is especially important for small businesses where dealing with conflict and issues are time consuming and costly. Without professional legal advice a bad situation can quickly escalate, resulting in termination of contract and a court claim.

Understanding a builders rights and obligations‌‌ as well as that of the client is central to setting out the landscape for compromise and overcoming objections. Recording variations of contract, extras, delays and acceptance is vital in keeping the project on track to a satisfactory completion.

Our construction lawyers are experienced in all manner of construction dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration.

Construction law: building works

Costs, uncertainty and lack of practical experience are all deterrents to many builders and contractors using a construction solicitor especially in domestic projects.

Our construction and property development lawyers offer a cost effective alternative to traditional construction dispute solicitors and lawyers.

Not only are we construction law specialists but have unparalleled experience and knowledge of the building trade, home extensions, conversions and refurbishments.

This multi trade multi disciplined insight has led to our legal services for builders, contractors and trades people becoming the first choice for small and medium sized firms.


Subscription Legal Services

Direct access to a building
lawyer expert legal advice
& contracts for 12 months

£59.99 + VAT

Legal services

Unlimited access to a building
lawyer advice, documents
complaints resolution

£695 + VAT

Contractor law

Offering advice, documents
complaints resolution for
larger building firms

£1199 + VAT

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