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Small business arbitration

Small business arbitration scheme

Small businesses & sole traders have enough to contend with without the stress and expense of legal costs let alone the disruption and the time it takes to get to court.  Maintaining business relationships by quickly and effectively reaching mutually satisfactory agreements makes commercial sense. 

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How it works

The fast track small business arbitration service is ideally suited for busy firms and traders, offering the opportunity to submit low cost disputes, documents and evidence to an arbitrator on-line or at a one day hearing. In both instances, the arbitrator will provide a reasoned decision binding on both parties and capable of enforcement by the Court.

Fixed price dispute resolution


Ideal for small claims
up to £25,000 resolved 
within 45 days

£250 + VAT

Low cost

Medium sized disputes
with a value of up to

£750 + VAT


For larger value disputes
and  claims  up to

£1250 + VAT

How to start small business arbitration

The small business arbitration scheme is a voluntary process and requires both parties to have previously agreed by way on an arbitration  clause the substantive contract or by completion of an application form signed by all parties and accompanied by payment of the relevant fees.

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Rules

For relatively straightforward and smaller value cases, the parties may wish to consider using the CIArb Cost Controlled Arbitration Rules 2014. See CIArb Cost Controlled Arbitration Rules below.

small business arbitration
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