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ADR Commercial Arbitration Services

for All Manner of Civil and Business Disputes

Commercial Arbitration

Alternative Dispute Resolution, ADR and Commercial Arbitration in particular offers businesses a quicker and cost effective alternative to resolving many types of disputes out of court both in the UK and internationally. 

The service is made up of highly trained and experienced ADR practitioners capable of dealing with both commercial and civil disputes.

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Early Issue Business Conflict Management

With an increase in regulations and competition conflict and disputes are inevitable, threatening business reputation ,weakening  business relationships with customer, contractors and suppliers and time consuming.

This has led to businesses looking to adopt processes and techniques to identify conflict at an early stage and employ tools to deal with it, before it becomes a problem dispute. Early Issue Business Conflict Management (EIBCM) aims to minimise risk, cost, time spent and resources expended on conflicts, while preserving important business relationships. 

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Documents only

Documents only arbitration
for lower value claims
& disputes up to £5000

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Small business arbitration 
for claims & disputes 
from £5-25,000

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Corporate service

Commercial arbitration for
large value disputes &
claims hearings

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Choosing an arbitrator

Unlike Courts, the arbitration process can be influenced by the parties, allowing them to choose and agree on the industry experience & professional credentials of the arbitrator and to some extent the rules, procedures and timings. 

Private & less formal

For many businesses, companies & individuals the formality of the courtroom and the potential of "doing your dirty washing in public" increases the pressure and reputational risk. Without the need for solicitors or barristers and the private nature of alternative dispute resolution are just some of the reasons ADR has become the method of choice for firms and consumers alike.

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