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Motor trade law training

Wouldn't it be great if motor trade law training wasn't boring and just a tick in the legal compliance box, but was designed & delivered by  leading motor industry lawyers and legal consultants who not only know about the car trade but have actually, sold cars, parts, hours & finance?  

It's this unique experience and insight that sets Motor Trade Law training apart from traditional training consultants.  

"More like a master class than training, with unparalleled knowledge and expertise, answering real life questions with understandable and practical solutions on the spot"

Increase profitability

Want to increase dealer profitability, market share and customer retention ? Experience tells us that a practical, understandable knowledge of trading law, contracts and consumer protection regulations from the sales floor up, significantly reduces late costs arising from complaints, complaints handling and compliance issues.

Not only does, the knowledge cut costs but it cuts time, stress and anxiety, providing right environment for increased volume.

"the more I know, the luckier I get "

Legal process to the sales process

Bringing a dynamic, engaging and uniquely insightful approach to motor trade law training using real life scenarios and anecdotes from 20 years motor industry experience in used car sites, dealerships & automotive manufacturers from shop floor to board room, on the way to being called to the Bar. 

We don’t do second best

Simplifying and applying legal process, contract law and consumer law to the sales process, key performance indicators and everyday transactions brings a new light to the law and commerce.

This in conjunction with an inspirational biography has been influential in forging a reputation as leading industry lawyers , designers and providers of motor trade training and becoming a BMW approved supplier on the Partner Portal.

Dispute & conflict

Customer complaints, appraisals
grievance & disciplinary 
investigations & hearings 

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Motor trade law

Product liability, negligence 
Contract law, consumer rights
unfair terms & practises 

More law


Professional, persuasive 
written and oral advocacy
communications & negotiation

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The playwright George Bernard Shaw is credited with saying that "the single biggest in communication is the illusion that its taken place."

In a customer facing industry like the motor trade, communication is critical and it may not be surprising to learn that more than half of complaints, disputes and dysfunction both with customers and  employees alike derives from miscommunication. As professional advocates, written and oral communication in succinctly relaying our intentions, offers, agreements and personality is our stock in trade.  We incorporate effective use of language and syntax into our training as well as design and deliver specific programs for better negotiation and dispute resolution.