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Motor trade law services

Motor Trade Law Legal Services

Motor trade law is an umbrella term which covers all the legislation and common law repainting the buying , selling and repairing motor vehicles.  Commonly this relates to cars sold by  car dealer to a consumer but can cover trade to trade deals as well as motor hones ,caravans trucks and horse boxes

Stormcatcher motor trade law services aim to provide car dealers, finance companies and repairers with the most comprehensive legal advice, support and dispute resolution services delivered by leading leading motor trade lawyers and automotive industry experts. 

Our insight and unrivalled knowledge and experience of all types of cars, vehicles and the motor trade sets us apart from traditional motor industry lawyers, solicitors and law firms providing so called legal solutions for the motor trade.

Renowned for our accessible, straight talking, common sense, car sales legal advice and effective solutions has led to us being the leading choice amongst dealers, traders and dealerships.  We not only the know the law but the cars and the motor industry inside out.

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Key to success

Aside from our technical knowledge, we are unique in that we represent private clients as well as retailers and finance companies giving us insight into what it takes to bring and defend claims under the Consumer Rights Act, Misrepresentation and with the Financial Ombudsman.

However, naturally and ensuring no conflict of interest we are prevented from acting against our existing retained clients.

Motor dealer legal services

Motor dealers & car garages are put off of by conventional solicitors, barristers & the legal profession because of  a lack of  understanding of the cars, technical knowledge and how the motor trade works.

As a result what would be otherwise avoidable issues and customer complaints quickly turn into expensive legal problems.

Motor trade law services break the mould by offering car dealers direct access to lawyers born with the motor trade in their blood, bringing the dynamism and entrepreneurial personality of a motor dealer with the incisive mental attitude of a barrister

Financial Ombudsman

With over 90% of vehicles sold on finance, complaints to Financial Ombudsman Service have risen by 67% placing pressure on businesses to effectively deal with the over 5000 HP related complaints per year. Our service extends to offer legal opinion and case management for FOS complaints drawing on our expertise and rate of success

Warranty claims

Warranty claims and second hand car warranties are one of the biggest sources of customer complaints. What's covered and what's not, the claim limit doesn't cover the cost of the repair, what happens if the claim is rejected and can the customer get the car repaired and send you the bill expecting you to pay for it are are all sources of contention.

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Automotive sector lawyers

Our direct access comprehensive uk motor industry law business model operates without expensive city offices and support staff, giving clients the mobile number and direct email address of their own automotive lawyer and motor dealer law legal expert 7 days a week.

Extra value motor dealer legal services


Unlimited motor trade law
& employment law
legal advice, documents
& dispute resolution 

£999 + VAT*

Retailer & Repairer

Unlimited motor trade law
legal advice, documents
letters & dispute
resolution From

£695 + VAT*

Finance Company

Unlimited phone legal advice
letters & dispute resolution
all aspects of motor industry
law. Staring from ...

£1999 + VAT*

home improvements legal advice  Direct access to a specialist lawyer

home improvements legal advice  Legal documents , contracts & letters in 48 hours

home improvements legal advice  Unique industry experience & insight

The real deal

The motor trade law services department was founded by Philip Harmer, Corporate Counsel and Commercial Arbitrator, in 2014. With 20 years in the trade he recognised a growing need for car dealers, retailers & repairers to have access to more accessible, relevant & practical motor trade law legal advice & services.

motor trade law

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