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Motor Trade Law Training 2016

Motor Trade Law Training 2016

Wouldn’t it be great if motor trade law training was understandable, engaging and operated in the real world? With a proactive rather than a deal prevention approach?  That’s what our Motor Trade Law programs offer.

Our training and development programs are designed from the dealers’ perspective, drawing on first-hand operational and shop floor experience, “overlaying” the day to day dealership sales and business practises onto the consumerist and contractual legal landscape.

Through highlighting the pitfalls, risks and financial and reputational consequences, we will seek to discuss, adjust and incorporate new and existing techniques to increase sales of cars, hours, parts and finance while reducing both the direct and indirect costs of non-compliance.

Unlike traditional training providers, we focus on discussion, interaction and demonstration, driving professional development through questions, anecdotes, involvement and a game based framework. Because motor trade law training doesn't have to be a marathon. 


Design & delivery of Motor Trade Law training is by an approved BMW supplier on the Partner Portal and Consultant Legal Counsel, specialising in contract law, consumer law, policy and dispute resolution, in all aspects of the automotive industry.


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