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Dispute resolution

Business Dispute Resolution Lawyers 

for All Manner of Commercial, Civil &

Contract Legal Issues

Dispute resolution legal services

Business dispute resolution lawyers and legal consultants specialising in legal advice, ADR and small claims litigation for small and medium sized businesses on commercial, consumer and contract legal issues and problems across the UK, managed from our locations in London, Surrey & Kent.

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Business dispute legal advice

Commercial difficulties and complaints can quickly turn into legal problems and disputes and without quality legal advice it's easy for small businesses to find themselves in legal hot water. When a dispute arises, firms need immediate legal advice on the circumstances of the issue and the strategy to best handle it. 

As a result, when an dispute  arises business legal advice from a specialist business and commercial lawyer can be invaluable and our free initial advice and fixed price menu legal services means you don't have to consider if you can afford to get advice but whether you can afford not to. 


Business Mediation 

Helping resolve disputes
out of court on the documents
or at a hearing 

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Commercial Arbitration

Chartered Arbitrator
international & UK

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Small claims court

Making or defending a 
small claim up to 
£10000 ? 

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Business mediation

ADR mediation and business mediation in particular is successful in resolving business disputes in over 80% of cases. The adr process is fast, flexible and effective method of resolving disputes out of court facilitated by an independent, impartial lawyer mediator. Successful agreements are recorded in a settlement agreement, signed and sealed by the court making them capable of legal enforcement.  


Small Claims & litigation

Taking someone to court should be the last resort after all other efforts to resolve the problem have been exhausted. For claims up to £10000 the small claims court is a fixed price, low cost method compared to the fast track for claims up to £25000 and the multi track above that. 

Resolving disputes is our business

As professional mediator, chartered Arbitrator and commercial negotiator coupled with deep industry expertise and experience in resolving disputes with alternative dispute resolution has led to us being regularly instructed in by companies , businesses and individuals 

Flexible conflict resolution

Unlike going to court mediation and negotiation can be carried out by telephone or Skype relying on the documents or at an informal hearing at a neutral location convenient to the parties or using the facilities of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in London   

Settlement agreement

Dispute settlement agreements are recorded by way of a consent or Tomlin order detailing the terms of the negotiated settlement and filed with the court capable of being enforced should a party not stick to the agreement

Mediate, Arbitrate, Litigate

Our lawyer mediators and arbitrators are best placed to explain the different solutions available, the costs and risk implications and of course the suitability of mediation , arbitration and litigation for resolving the matter  in question