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Contract checking

Business Contract Checking, Amending

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Contract checking & document vetting

Contracts are the key stone of business and commercial life and whether terms and conditions are fair or unfair terms, enforceable and legally binding and the rights & obligations of the parties are clearly defined can be the difference between if and when you get hired, fired and paid.

As contract lawyers we don't do contract templates but offer a personal contract checking & legal document vetting service to reflect and protect your business 

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Option 1

Contract checking &
translation for 
documents up to
15 pages 

£69 + VAT

Option 2

Contract checking &
translation for 
documents up to
25 pages 

£79 + VAT

Extra Value

Unlimited contract
checking, docs
& legal 
for 12 months

£199 + VAT

Contract documents

Standard contract documents, independent contractor agreements and employment contracts have grown in size and complexity in concert with new and increasing regulation, risks & responsibility.  Our contract lawyer translates legalese into everyday language, highlighting the pitfalls, benefits and potential legal consequences. 

Standard terms

The expense & time of getting legal advice means many people and businesses default to the internet and blogs to download often outdated and unsuitable standard contracts, copying and perpetuating errors, unfair terms and legal risks.

Implied terms

The written terms can often be the tip of the iceberg with the larger and potentially more dangerous terms hidden from view. These implied terms are all part of the service, drawing attention and explaining the statutory legal liabilities that are included in contracts.