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Construction industry legal services

Bringing a fresh accessible approach construction industry legal services offering specialist construction and commercial legal advice and building project dispute resolution for employers, contractors and sub-contractors in England and Wales.

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Building and Construction Contracts

In construction contracts, time is of the essence,  in anticipating and dealing with delays to the completion date, reaching agreement on variations and of course resolving conflict and disputes.

Stormcatcher construction industry legal services have evolved to meet this need offering accessible, affordable and understandable retained legal services and advice from a lawyer experienced in dealing with all manner of construction project disputes, including conversions, renovation agreement and general  building work contract. 

Building lawyer

Having grown up in the building trade being involved in design and build projects, property renovation, conversion project and home renovation project we understand the practical challenges, critical path delays and payment issues facing building contractors. 

With unparalleled knowledge and experience, building firms come to us when you need not only someone who knows the rules but also knows the building trade and construction law.

Delays and payments

Unsurprisingly, money is at the centre of most construction disputes involving JCT building contracts or general construction contracts.

With Quantity surveyors, Architects and project management firms working for the client to try and ensure the completion date and, standards of workmanship and met while trying to cut costs, emotions can run high, especially involving extras and measure and value contracts. 

We work with building contractors to resolve disputes with the minimum of  disruption to the program and mitigating the exposure to financial risk. 

Construction dispute resoluton

Experienced in alternative dispute resolution including negotiation, mediation and arbitration for all aspects of construction contract disputes. Invariably a quicker and cheaper than litigation and resolving building disputes out of court ADR is successful in over 80% of cases offering flexible solutions for real world problems.


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construction industry legal services
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