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Car Finance

Car finance complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service rose by around 64% in 2016 hitting almost 100 per week with the majority involving hire purchase agreements concerning defective and faulty vehicles. However, the Financial Conduct Authority have started to turn their attention to investigate “irresponsible” lending practices in the vehicle finance sector following concerns about consumers being pushed into deals they may not be able to afford.

The increase in demand for advice to the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Ombudsman overwhelmed with calls and complaints concerning car dealers and used cars, has led to us offering a fee initial consultation and advice direct from the car lawyer and a fixed price legal services package specifically aimed at car finance complaints Ombudsman case preparation.

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Faulty Cars

When something goes wrong with a second hand car bought from a dealer, the internet gives buyers the comfort of telling them, it can be rejected in the first 30 days, repaired or replaced, but this is inevitably easier said than done. More so if the car is on finance, as it’s the finance company who in effect owns the car, until the last payment is made, leaving the customer being passed from pillar to post, from dealer to finance company, to the Motor Ombudsman to Trading Standards. Save time and anxiety by calling the car lawyer for initial free advice.  

The Omudsman

Consumer finance agreements like car finance are regulated under the Consumer Credit Act allowing for complaints to be submitted to and decided by the Financial Ombudsman Service, which free. However, presenting your case clearly, collating the evidence and applying the law is not always that easy leaving some people preferring us to do it for them under our fixed fee service.


If you’re successful in your claim, the Ombudsman may order the finance company to fix the car or unwind the finance agreement, return any money put down as a deposit and reimburse any monthly payments as well as costs incurred and interest. Naturally there is a spectrum of outcomes and remedies available but it is possible to in effect to reject the car and get your money back.

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