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Car Sales Law

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Car Sales Law

Leading Second Hand Car Sales Law lawyers specialising in consumer rights, misrepresentation, sale of goods and breach of contract dispute resolution and small claims advising and providing legal services for car dealers and buyers. 

If you’re a car dealer or a customer and have sold or bought a car which is still on finance, an insurance write off or its not as described or developed a problem or fault we can help

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Why us?

Different from solicitors that deal with used car issues, clients come to us not only because we know about car sales law and consumer rights but because of our knowledge of the cars and the motor trade.

Having worked in the car trade for over 30 years from independent dealer, to main franchise dealership and motor manufacturer to lawyer we know the business inside out.

As lawyers, we’ve successfully dealt with all manner of cases involving every type of vehicle from  £100 to £100,000 plus and every legal issue from car warranty, PCP finance, servicing, sales and repairs.

Leading Car Sales Legal Experts

Buying a car

Buying a used car is a big deal and a long term financial commitment whether you pay for it with your savings or with HP, PCP or a car finance agreement. Although the majority of cars are sold by traders and main franchise dealers every car should meets the standard set by the consume rights act. However, car sales law is complex and often misunderstood; if in doubt phone an expert 

Your Rights When Buying a Car

However, car sales and servicing complaints remain the number one source of calls for help to citizens advice and trading standards.

At it’s centre, is understanding what your rights are when buying a car from a dealer. What issues and circumstances give rise to the legal  right to reject, refund or replace the vehicle and how these get enforced. Simply it can take a moment to spend your money on buying the car but it can take months to get it back

Private Sales

People who have bought a car from a private seller, either from the roadside, off Ebay or Autotrader don’t get the same protection under the sale of goods act,consumer rights act or car sales law as they would from a trader. However, the law does give recourse to those who have purchased a car only to find out the seller didn’t have legal title.

car sale law

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