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Car consumer rights

Consumer Legal Rights when Buying a New

or Second Hand Car from a Dealer 

Used car consumer rights

Consumers buying new, secondhand and used cars from dealers, traders and garages have increased legal rights under the Consumer Rights Act from 1st October 2015. The new rules includes the controversial short term right to reject giving customers who complain of a faulty or substandard used car to a car dealer in the first 3o days the right to return the vehicle and get a full refund.

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Expert car sales legal advice on the consumer rights act and all aspects of buying and selling motor vehicles and the car trade in the UK from a leading used car lawyer with unrivalled experience in the motor trade and motor vehicles technical knowledge.  

Sale of goods act

While used car consumer rights has consolidated the sale of goods act, the supply of goods and services act and half a dozen other pieces of legislation the principals of satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose and conformity to description still apply. 

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Repair or replace

Under the use car consumer rights act the customer can ask to have the car repaired instead of the short term right to reject but further faults within the first 6 months may trigger a right to a refund.

Deduction for use

After the first 30 days a dealer can make a deduction from a refund due to a customer rejecting a motor vehicle to account for the customer's use since the purchase of the car. Give our legal experts a call for guidance on the calculation of any reduction. 

Dealer protection

Used car consumer rights is far from a walk in the park and is likely to cause businesses in the automotive sector some problems which can be reduced with appropriate terms and conditions, policies, procedures and staff training. 

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