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Business debt recovery

Business Debt Recovery and Late

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Business debt recovery

Most small and medium sized businesses face problems with customers paying on time or at all with 25% going out of business as a result of cash flow issues becoming a bad debtor themselves. Business debt recovery services has been set up to help save time and money chasing delinquent customers and stop bad debts getting out of hand. 

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Debt collection agents

Debt collection agents can be seen as using a sledge hammer to crack a nut, damaging your reputation and causing good customers to go else where.

Additionally, they can be ineffective in circumstances where the debt is disputed for example, if there's a dispute over the quality of a service you supplied, or the goods supplied. We offer a more diplomatic, safer and more cost effective debt recovery service. 

Commercial debt recovery solicitors

Traditional litigation and business debt recovery solicitors and law firms can be expensive and only deal with issues concerning late payment of commercial debts legislation, leaving small businesses owed money by private customers no where to go. Our service has evolved to meet this need offering a low cost, accessible and effective alternative to the high street.  


its not uncommon for people to hold money back and not pay if they're unhappy with goods they've bought or services they're used, until the problems or complaints have been dealt with. We aim to get to the root of the dispute and focus of finding and agreeing a solution to get the business paid and keep the customer happy.

Statutory demand

A statutory demand is a powerful and formal request for payment to be made within 21 days or face the prospect of a winding up petition being filed against the company forcing them into bankruptcy and goods being seized and sold. However, there must be a clear and undisputed debt owed or the petitioner can expect to face the prospect of legal costs against them